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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Delivery Supermarket?

Delivery Supermarket lets you compare the market on a range of courier, parcel, pallet delivery, and vehicle transportation services, so giving you the opportunity to find quickly and easily a genuinely “best price” for any particular delivery, and to manage the online transaction easily.

Who is Delivery Supermarket aimed at?

Delivery Supermarket is perfect for businesses who are occasional shippers, as it allows them to shop around for the best prices without having to phone around or enter their details into multiple websites. Delivery Supermarket is also perfect for frequent shippers, who can use it to request a best market price for every job, from their list of preferred approved suppliers.

Delivery Supermarket is also ideal for online retailers and bricks and mortar retailers looking for national sameday delivery options for their customers, with a high degree of automation.

Delivery Supermarket is perfect for eBayers, both buyers and sellers. For buyers, it extends your reach to bid for large heavy items which are too big or too far away for the family car.

What can I send?

You can send absolutely anything from a small retail product to a pile of cartons, from a pallet of print to a container-load of steel, from a motorbike to a camper van.

How quickly do I get offers from couriers?

You should start getting offers within minutes. The longer you can wait, the better the choice of prices are likely to be. Couriers can offer online. Online offers will be emailed to you, and will be listed in the ‘Quotes’ page on Delivery Supermarket.

Can I save money if my parcel isn’t urgent?

If you can wait a few days for your delivery, you can make big savings because couriers will quote extra-keen prices to help them to fill otherwise empty vans.

What does it cost to place work on Delivery Supermarket?

It’s free to register to send an item and request offers on Delivery Supermarket. We make no charge, and take no cut. You pay your chosen courier/transport company the quoted price they send you. They’ll discuss precisely how. Simple as that.

Are there any restrictions on what I can send?

There are no restrictions on what you can ask for quotes on, but you’ll need to be very clear on your booking if your consignment is hazardous, or particularly heavy or large, or of particularly irregular dimensions or weight (known as “IDW” freight), and then check especially carefully the offers you receive, to check for specific exclusions. If in doubt, declare everything at time of booking, and discuss any concerns you have with the couriers who offer prices.

Am I obliged to accept the offers I receive?

No. You only commit at the point where you accept the price. So you can look for prices with no obligation. If none of the offers meet your needs, you can ignore them or turn them down.

How do I pay?

You pay the courier company direct. They’ll tell you how and when. Ask what their terms are. Your chosen courier company will tell you what payment options are available. The majority of transactions are paid by Paypal/credit card on acceptance. In every case, you pay your chosen company direct. You are free to negotiate credit terms before acceptance if you prefer. If you don’t like their payment terms, choose someone else! Your chosen supplier will send you a receipt/invoice.

What role does Delivery Supermarket play?

We introduce potential shippers to potential suppliers, who offer prices and availability on a wide range of services. Shippers and their chosen suppliers (ie courier companies) are therefore doing business directly with each other. Terms of business and conditions of carriage are therefore a matter between shipper and supplier. Please see our safe shipping guidelines.

What happens if there is a problem with a consignment?

One of the best things about Delivery Supermarket is that you can choose the supplier you trust to perform to your satisfaction, and deal direct with them. If anything goes wrong, you know exactly who you chose to do business with, and can take the matter up direct with them. So liability to the shipper rests with the chosen supplier to perform the service for the price quoted, and to look after your goods.

I’m a courier, how do I get involved?

Please sign up here as a courier; it only takes 60 seconds. If you’re serious about doing work from Delivery Supermarket we suggest you make every effort to keep your profile is up to date and complete to reassure shippers of your identity. Please note -we make no charge, and take no cut. You’re welcome to use Delivery Supermarket to meet new customers and find new freight. Please respect the safe shipping guidelines, and do everything you can to maintain the good reputation of Delivery Supermarket.

Who is behind Delivery Supermarket?

Delivery Supermarket is operated by Ltd, for the purpose of introducing new customers and shipments to our courier members.