Version 2.0 beta.

How it works

If you’re a business or a retail or home user looking to get something delivered then you’re a shipper. Delivery Supermarket connects you conveniently with courier companies able to carry out your work. We make things easier by providing an efficient meeting place online.
We’ve put together a brief overview of the Delivery Supermarket process below…

1) List Your Item

As a minimum we need a title and pickup and delivery locations, size, weight and description of your item.

If required, you can specify a collection and delivery time.

If you’re listing an eBay item, you can add the item number.

(This process for retailers and other business shippers is more automated. Please talk to us).

2) Receive & Review offers

On Delivery Supermarket, the courier companies offer prices to deliver your item. We let you know via email when an offer is made, with a link to the offer.

The longer you can leave your listing open for, the lower the offers you are likely to receive.

(This process can be automated for retail and business users).

3) Accept an Offer

First check the delivery company out on their profile page. There you can see feedback left by others that have used them, as well as insurance and ID details.

On the website, accept the offer from the courier with the right balance of price, and feedback.

Agree payment terms and method with the courier.

If you’re a delivery service provider…

If you’re a courier company or an established fully insured owner driver, Delivery Supermarket is a place you can pick up additional courier work. Check out what we’ve got waiting for quotes and offer price and availability on the items that suit your vehicle. We charge no fee and take no cut. The work is also listed on for the benefit of our many trusted and insured courier members throughout the UK.