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The ‘no-fee no-cut’ Delivery Price Comparison Website

Traffic on a UK motorway, yesterdayThis no-fee/no-cut delivery price comparison website delivers unique benefits for shoppers and couriers alike.

Delivery Supermarket, the first free price comparison delivery website, brings those larger eBay items located on the other side of the country closer to your doorstep at substantially discounted delivery prices.

The combination of the free, easy to use website supported by a countrywide base of empty vans means Delivery Supermarket is set to change the way thousands of people each day search and buy items from shopping websites such as eBay.

One of Delivery Supermarket’s unique features is the ease of gaining competitively priced offers for delivering any item, large or small.  eBay users simply logon and enter the eBay item number.  The complete description of what needs collecting is then pushed automatically out to appropriate members of the courier network, who then compete for the work by providing their lowest offer for the work.

Delivery Supermarket couriers are looking for a consignment for the return leg of an existing job to avoid returning home empty, so are willing to provide a substantially lower price than the market rate for a one-way trip.

Unlike other online courier marketplaces, this service is completely free for the shipper, so there is no deposit or fee to pay to the website.

Tim Gilbert, founder of Delivery Supermarket and also the long-established trade-only courier work exchange site,, commented “Price comparison websites are now the cornerstone of many online marketplaces, and we are confident that this is the future for the courier industry”.

“Delivery Supermarket(.com) represents the best of modern online market technology, delivering savings for the end user and providing increased earning opportunities for couriers.  And, of course, we’re great for the environment as we’re maximising the effectiveness of every delivery mile. This is the internet at its best!”

“For eBayers, all those items which had to be disregarded for reasons of location are now possible to collect for a sensible price.  For businesses who use couriers, it’s an opportunity to put every job out for tender. For couriers, it’s extra revenue for the same costs. For the environment, it’s a substantial reduction of carbon released per delivery.”



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