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How can Delivery Supermarket possibly be free?

Just had this one come in earlier today…

Sorry to sound dim but how does this site work exactly? Its free to the public to list and free to join as a courier. Nowhere have I seen any mention of charges so how do you make your money?

In our FAQ it states…

It’s free to register and request offers on Delivery Supermarket. You pay your chosen courier/transport company the quote you receive. Simple as that. We make no charge and take no cut.

I know it sounds impossible but it really is as simple as that! We have absolutely no plans to monetize the core of Delivery Supermarket. I say core as it’s possible that we will introduce services such as address validation and credit checks to our members which would financially impact on us. In these circumstances we may ask for a minuscule amount to cover it (but in all honesty, we’re pretty generous so I’d expect any credit checks to be on us initially).

We will not rule out ever charging anything for use of the site, but we’re aiming for volume so we’ll be staying totally free for now.

Any other questions? Feel free to contact us, any time.

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