Version 2.0 beta.

Label: Site Updates

Search Deliveries Ordering Bug

Fixed a bug on the search deliveries page that affected Google Chrome. The bug meant that paged results could be returned in an arbitrary order, as oppose to the default ‘newest first’ order.

Building Delivery Supermarket v2

We’ve been working absolutely solidly over the summer to bring you Delivery Supermarket v2. If you used the old one, forget it. This is radically different and much easier to use! We’ve focused on making things easy. Plenty of delivery sites have sprung up in the last few years since v1, but if we’re honest [...]


Goodbye DS v1!

This post is a retrospective one. I’ve written it to remember Delivery Supermarket v1, which has now been┬ásuperseded by our much improved v2. Version 1 was launched in the summer of 2009. We had a lot of other stuff going on, so we knocked it up quite quickly to test the water. It probably didn’t [...]