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Find a courier to deliver an eBay item

Delivery Supermarket is set up to make life easy for eBay bidders and sellers. If you’re looking for an eBay courier, you should give us a try. It’s really easy and quick to add your DS listing from eBay… here’s a short how to:

It's easy to list an eBay item on DS. Just get the item number from the eBay listing and paste it into DS. We pick up all the details and add them for you.

1) Find the eBay item number

Visit the normal item listing page on eBay. You can find the item number a little way down on the right hand side, beneath the bidding and vendor information.

More information from eBay about finding the item number.

2) Copy and paste the number into DS

Now you’ve got the item number, you just need to paste it into your new DS listing. You can either enter it in the normal ‘new shipment‘ form, or start from our new eBay quote page. Just enter the number and continue…

3) Finish your new DS listing

We get the item details from eBay so you don’t have to enter them. That includes pictures of the item. There is the opportunity to flesh out your DS listing a little more if you want to, but the only thing we actually require from you is the delivery address!

Ready to go? List an eBay item.


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